The Grampians

We took a brief trip to the Grampians Nation­al Park in ear­ly July, 2021, to escape Mel­bourne while ‘lock­up’ was in, tem­po­rary, abeyance. It was freez­ing cold but the Park was crowd­ed in the last few days of shool-hol­i­days (do schools that have been shut for almost half of the past year real­ly need ‘hol­i­days’?).

This is a small set of images from those three days. As usu­al, please view the images ‘full-screen’ in a PDF viewer on your com­put­er or Tablet. If you must open them on your phone you can still browse the images (but… why?). 

The PDF is on my Google Dri­ve that will also allow you to ‘view’ the book, but at low res­o­lu­tion. Please just down­load it.

Please click this thumb­nail sum­ma­ry of the file to down­load a PDF file (about 20MB).

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