Temple Art — the Nile

I took a boat along the Nile from Lux­or to the dam at Aswan and then flew on to Abu Sim­bel in May 2011. It was a fab­u­lous tour made even bet­ter by the deter­mi­na­tion of most West­ern tourists to stay away from Egypt dur­ing the tur­moil that fol­lowed the “Arab Spring”. The boat was half-full, the mon­u­ments (slight­ly?) less crowded.

I had bought a small dig­i­tal cam­era that seemed to have the best specs for some­thing that I could put in my pock­et. I was­n’t so inter­est­ed in pho­tog­ra­phy that I want­ed a strap over my shoul­ders. The com­pact Olym­pus ZX‑1 fit the bill.

The jour­ney was mem­o­rable but I haven’t looked at the image files for many years. They were a mix of ‘out of cam­era’ JPEGs and  small (less than 10MB) raw files. But the cur­rent ‘lock­up’ has giv­en me an oppor­tu­ni­ty to bring them back to the sur­face and process them. They’ve come up bet­ter than I expect­ed, although the small res­o­lu­tion does­n’t allow much room for cropping.

Please down­load the PDF album of these images (about 23MB) and view them in some­thing like Adobe Acro­bat, prefer­ably “full-screen” on your com­put­er or tablet.

Thumbnail images from Temple Art - The Nile
Please click on these thumb­nail images from “Tem­ple Art — The Nile” to down­load a PDF (about 23MB)

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