Roof architecture of Japan

Yes, I know this sounds a bit weird. Images of Japan­ese roofs? Real­ly? Look­ing through hun­dreds of images I took in Japan last year, I couldn’t work out how to present them. Not by city or date: I wasn’t inter­est­ed in yet-anoth­er-Japan-trav­el­ogue any more than you are. 

Only after puz­zling over a theme for this col­lec­tion for some time did it strike me what the pre­dom­i­nant sub­ject was. Then it took a lit­tle while longer to accept that one way to under­stand what is par­tic­u­lar about Japan­ese tra­di­tion­al archi­tec­ture and, in some respects, Japan­ese cul­tur­al his­to­ry is to pay atten­tion to the roofs of Japan­ese buildings. 

I cer­tain­ly did not plan this approach when I took the pho­tos. As usu­al my “plan” for pho­tog­ra­phy is noth­ing more sophis­ti­cat­ed than “col­lect some image assets and decide what to do with them lat­er”. This was how I approached my three weeks in Japan in the sum­mer of 2019. I left the cura­tion for lat­er. But it turned out to be six months lat­er, in this case.

This is not the only the­mat­ic idea I came up with. There are many images I’d like to show you that don’t fit in this col­lec­tion. I’ll have to work on oth­er ideas that gath­er the remain­ing images together.

Mean­while, please click on the thumb­nail ‘con­tents’ image below to down­load a PDF file (42MB) from my DropBox.

Once you have the PDF, please view it FULL SCREEN in a pro­gram such as the (free) Adobe Acro­bat Read­er to see the images as I intended.

I hope you enjoy this (admit­ted­ly off-beat) selec­tion. But please tell me in the com­ments what you think even if you don’t like it.

Down­load a PDF file by click­ing on the image.

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