Palermo album cover

Palermo — art and grunge

An album of pho­tos from a 2‑day vis­it to Paler­mo, Sici­ly, in 2018. A fas­ci­nat­ing, if unlove­ly, city with unique­ly com­plex his­to­ry and some out­stand­ing architecture.

You might like, too, to look though the album of the Byzan­tine Mosaics of Mon­reale (on a hill behind the city of Paler­mo) which are relat­ed to some of the images in this PDF album.

Please click on the page-images below to down­load a PDF album of images (about 14MB). As always, please view the images full-screen on you com­put­er or tablet (or phone, if you must). That’s how I intend they should be seen.

page imgages from the Palermo ebook

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