Nelson Falls, Derwent Valley, Mt Wellington

Two of the icon­ic land­scape loca­tions of Tas­ma­nia — Nel­son Falls and the Der­went Val­ley — can be reached along the Lyell High­way that runs more-or-less East-West across the cen­ter of the island, to the South of the Cra­dle Moun­tain nation­al park. From many pho­tos I’ve select­ed just a few that I hope con­vey a sense the places: water­falls, of course, glacial moraines, the col­ors and shapes of the cool-tem­per­ate rain forests and of the rur­al val­leys in autumn.

Also includ­ed in this album are four pho­tos I took of the sun­rise above Hobart from the (freez­ing) sum­mit of Mt Welling­ton­Please down­load the PDF book (36 MB) and open it — on your com­put­er, or tablet — in FULL SCREEN dis­play. That’s how I meant it to be seen. Please use the com­ments field below to tell me what you think (love it? hate it?)

Here’s an overview of the con­tents (click this to down­load, too).

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