Viewing images

Most of the posts on this site include a gallery of images and a link to a PDF file of those images that you can down­load.

The gallery shows only thumb­nail images — usu­al­ly 400 or 800 pix­els wide — that give an impres­sion of the image but not the best expe­ri­ence of it.

I have made the linked PDF files, how­ev­er, to dis­play the images at a full-screen size on either your com­put­er or tablet with bet­ter fram­ing and full con­trol of the lay­out of cap­tions and oth­er infor­ma­tion.

Please down­load the PDF files (I keep them as small as pos­si­ble) and view them at full screen size. The best view­er is the Adobe Acro­bat view­er which is avail­able in a free ver­sion from Adobe. 

If you use anoth­er PDF view­er you may find that the full-screen dis­play is called “slideshow” or some­thing sim­i­lar.