Domes, like pyra­mids, are at the inter­sec­tion of engi­neer­ing and art; we admire them for both rea­sons. Also, like pyra­mids, some of the most impres­sive are the most ancient. They impose them­selves on the eye. But unlike oth­er mon­u­ments, domes do more than occu­py a space: they cre­ate a vol­ume that is even more impres­sive from with­in than from without.

This is a sort of hap­haz­ard col­lec­tion of images that I hap­pened to have in my cat­a­log. I’ve tried to draw togeth­er the threads of ideas that (I hope) I had when I pressed the shut­ter. But there are plen­ty of gaps here and maybe some loose threads, too.

Please down­load the PDF book (37 MB) and open it — on your com­put­er, or tablet — in FULL SCREEN dis­play. That’s how I meant it to be seen. Please let me know in the com­ments if you like it or hate it…

Click to down­load the PDF book of images (37 MB)

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