The colon­nad­ed (‘hipostyle’) hall of the mosque with its dou­bled Moor­ish arch­es and columns of jasper, onyx, mar­ble, gran­ite and por­phyry tak­en from old­er Roman buildings.

A dozen images of Cor­do­ba, tak­en dur­ing a vis­it to South­ern Spain in August, 2017. The images include the famous halls of the for­mer 8th cen­tu­ry Mezqui­ta build by the Emir Abd al-Rah­man I. The mosque was re-con­fig­ured as the Cathe­dral of Our Lady of the Assump­tion after the 13th cen­tu­ry Recon­quista, with fur­ther addi­tions made up to the 18th cen­tu­ry. It is, in effect, a mag­nif­i­cent archi­tec­tur­al palimpsest with mate­ri­als, design and details from Romam, Visig­oth, Moor­ish, Goth­ic and Renais­sance peri­ods. Some­how, it all works.
Oth­er images show the for­mer minaret of the mosque, trans­formed to a cam­panile and the restored Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir river.

Please down­load a PDF book of these images to see them full-screen in the PDF read­er (the free Adobe Acro­bat read­er is best for these images).


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